Oscar Grant

In 2009 on New Year’s Day, Oscar Grant and his friends were stopped by police on the Fruitvale station platform in Oakland. Shortly after being stopped, Grant was fatally shot by officer Johannes Mehserle. The shooting became national attention when the video was released of the officer shooting Grant and  protests and civil unrest broke out across Oakland. “Justice for Oscar Grant” was demanded by many. Grant’s story eventually became a movie “Fruitvale Station” and starred Michael B. Jordan.

Five years later, justice is still being carried out for others who were with Grant on the night of the shooting. On Wednesday, five men who were with Grant on the night of the shooting were awarded a settlement with BART. Michael Greer, Fernando Anicete Jr., Nigel Bryson, Jack Bryson Jr., and Carlos Reyes will split $175,000. The amount was approved by the BART board earlier this month, and breaks down to $35,000 per person.

“This closes a very traumatic and tragic chapter for these young men,” said their attorney John Burris. “Unfortunately, they will never get over witnessing their friend’s death.”

Grant’s mother and daughter were awarded $2.8 million in 2011.

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