Photo Source: WAPT

Photo Source: WAPT

In what world is it okay to haul off and smack a person? In public while screaming racial slurs. In 2014.

According to the Jackson Clarion-Ledger, Mississippi Justice Court Judge Bill Weisenberger is accused of smacking 20-year-old mentally disabled Eric Rivers twice and yelling “Run, n—ger, run” after Rivers fled.

Canton, Miss., mayor William Truly, who is also president of the local NAACP branch tells the Clarion-Ledger that he wants Weisenberger to step down from the bench until an investigation has been concluded.

“No citizen should have to face justice before a judge who holds such a high degree of racial animus and hatred,” Truly says.

Truly also expects this to go to a grand jury, and he adds that “the NAACP plans to file complaints with the Judicial Performance Commission, the state attorney general’s Vulnerable Adult Unit, and the Justice Department.”

Rivers was hanging around the Canton Flea Market to make a little extra change unloading trucks as many of the locals do.

“That young man was wanting to work to earn money to buy a bike,” says Cathy Hendrix, one of the flea market vendors.

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  • ALM247

    SMH….can’t even look for honest work without being harassed….

    If you listen to the audio clip on the “read more here” link, at least one of the eye witnesses sounds like a Caucasian woman. I don’t know this for sure, because video is not included, although she makes a point to say that she has African American family members, as if to say that she herself is not African American. If the person who witnessed the event is a Caucasian woman, this cycles back to what I said on the Mellody Hobson post about the role of messengers in message deliverance.

    This case may get more traction, simply because Caucasian people are saying that this happened. If the alleged victim (or a member of his family) said this, then they would have been accused of “race baiting”, “being too sensitive”, or “playing the race card”.

  • Anthony

    This sounds almost too crude to believe! Canton, MS must be one raggedy butt town if a bullying security guard is their justice of the peace. Ironically, assault and battery should be easier to prove than a murder, if the witnesses are consistent, this jackass should be toast even in a hick Mississippi town.

    • ALM247

      Jackson is the capital city, and Canton is in the Jackson metro area. Believe it or not, that area would be considered the most progressive part of the state of Mississippi…this lets you know how bad it is.

    • Anthony

      I’ve never been to Jackson, so excuse me please. Once again, the election of Obama tore the mask off of the way racists really feel. Anything short of this man losing his job and going to jail is unacceptable.

    • Ask_Me

      I suggest you take a trip to Mississippi…the mask was already off prior to the election of Obama. It’s just one of those places that will probably never change.

    • Anthony

      I am Southern born and bred. I earned two degrees at traditionally white, Southern schools. I have not been to Jackson, but I have been to Mississippi several times, along with every other state in the former Confederacy. Obama getting elected did drive Southerners crazy. Open foolishness has gotten markedly worse since his election.

    • If that is the case, then you know that they value their “plantations” in Charleston, SC. You cannot go their without seeing an apartment complex, housing development, or some “landmark” without the word “plantation” in it.

    • Anthony

      I grew up in a housing development named after a plantation.

    • ALM247

      Yep. I fuss about this all the time. The word “plantation” should be stricken from housing names. These folks would NEVER allow a home or neighborhood to have the words “concentration camp” in the title. It’s a disgrace.

      Sadly, in some parts of the south, the word “plantation” appears to be an actual selling point, i.e. selling the idea of the olden days of complete comfort for some people and complete torture for other people.

  • shybookworm

    Sometimes I get angry at myself for being surprised that things like this still happen in 2014. We’ve been seeing this kind of ignorance forever, esp. after Obama won the White House. Racists say and do whatever they want, apologize, go to sensitivity training or rehab, and then fade into the woodwork gradually. It’s getting really depressing. REALLY DEPRESSING. The only thing that keeps me going and hopeful and sane is knowing that there is a God, and at the end of the day, He will exact justice in His time. These people will pay for the misery they put others through. God is good all the time. All the time God is good.

  • Mary Burrell

    I am not surprised.

  • Ada

    From the linked article: “Under Mississippi law, the only requirement to be elected a Justice Court judge is a high school diploma. After taking office, the judges are required to take up to six hours of training a year.”
    what …in THE HELL??