Kenneth Crowley, assistant Superintendent for the Somers school district, says a student on the junior varsity lacrosse team has been suspended for five days for using a racial slur.

A Westchester County, New York 10th-grader was suspended after administrators say he directed the N-word at four girls from another school’s track team. The student was also removed from Somers High School’s boys junior varsity lacrosse team, The Journal News reported Saturday.

This incident marks the second time students from the mostly white suburb were involved in a race-related incident.

Last February, three Mahopac students were suspended for allegedly posting racial tweets following a basketball game against rival Mount Vernon.


The newspaper reports the Somers incident happened May 2 as New Rochelle athletes walked past the lacrosse team’s bus.


The Somers junior varsity lacrosse coach and the bus driver heard the racial slur, and immediately asked the girls what they heard, according to Assistant Superintendent Kenneth Crowley.

“They were pulling along the high school sidewalk, and our school was hosting a large track meet invitational from another school,” Crowley said. “The girls were walking by, and one of the kids used the n-word.”


The girls had heard some “boisterous noise” but not the word in question, he said.


In the locker room, where the coach asked the team about it, the student who used the slur apologized to the coach and the team. The student also served a five-day suspension and is undergoing counseling.


An administrator called it a “momentary lapse in judgment.”


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  • Emily

    Yeah. These weakling kids have nothing else better to do, especially in
    Westchester where you have a bunch of “ethnic” whites trying to prove themselves to w.a.s.p.-y kids and w.a.s.p.-y kids who hate their lives.

    A similar thing happened to me in the middle of a Westchester, NY school during an away Girls’ game (not basketball); pretty sure it was Scarsdale. I was the only Black player on my team and in the middle of the game, the ENTIRE AUDITORIUM, because I was scoring pretty relentlessly, starting singing “N*gger, N*gger, N*gger”…nonstop.
    Imagine looking up and seeing hundred of kids, in a completely packed auditorium, holding and waving their hands slowly singing, “N*G – GER”. This, at the tender age of 12, made me furious enough to embarrass their team. Their team was going to get slammed and slam them I did. I called for every ball and slammed ’em. I shut that crowd up while also scoring in the 99th and 97th percentile in Math and English in all of Westchester county.

    My point. As long as these people suck and hate their lives, racism is always going to be their crutch. Without racism, they’d have to look in the mirror and see what kind of failures they, and their families, really are. With such advantages, this is all they can become? With all of their advantages, whites are only one generation (maybe) ahead of people of color overtaking them financially and academically?

    Let the administration do what they need to do. Suspensions and whatnot, but let’s not believe it will ever end. This is an endless cycle, from before the Moors, on… of laziness and evil attempting to control our narratives and emotions. As long as we don’t give them power over our humanity… we’re good.

    Stokely Carmichael said it best. Civil Rights legislation was not made for black people, but for whites. No one needed to tell black people they were human beings, LAWS had to be enacted to make whites acknowledge the humanity of others. The problem is theirs and theirs alone. We just have to keep moving… and education and faith are all we need to make that happen.

    • vintage3000

      I’m sorry you experienced that filth esp, at such a young age, but proud of you for making those crackers even angrier by WINNING.

      Also re: your Carmichael quote: I never heard that, but I remember reading somewhere that the civil rights movement objective was to civilize racist whites.

    • Emily

      …and filth they were. I’m glad it happened to me and not my siblings. Thanks.

      Oh, and I was paraphrasing a portion of Carmichael’s speech.

      Carmichael, Stokely, “Speech at University of California, Berkley,” October 29, 1966

      “I maintain that every civil rights bill in this country was passed for white people, not for black people. (applause) For example, I am black. I know that. I also know that while I am black I am a human
      being, and therefore I have the right to go into any public place. White people didn’t know that. Every time I tried to go into a place they stopped me. So some boys had to write a bill to tell that white man, ‘He’s a human being; don’t stop him.’ That bill was for that white man,
      not for me. I knew it all the time. (applause, cheers) I knew it all the

      I knew that I could vote and that that wasn’t a privilege; it was my right. Every time I tried I was shot, killed or jailed, beaten or economically deprived. So somebody had to write a bill for white people to tell them, ‘When a black man comes to vote, don’t bother him.’ That bill, again, was for white people, not for black people.

      So that when you talk about open occupancy, I know I can live anyplace I want to live. It is white people across this country who are
      incapable of allowing me to live where I want to live. You need a civil
      rights bill, not me. I know I can live where I want to live.”

      – Stokely Carmichael, 29 OCTOBER 1966

    • lis

      @Emily……BRAVO!….nothing else needs to be said.thank you.