I won, the game

Oh look, here’s what we need more of in hip-hop: objectification of women.

Future and Kanye West have found a new way to get the word out and encourage people to buy their new single, “I Won,” by turning their duet about their “trophy” girlfriends into an actual sport.

The game version of “I Won” finds the pair sitting on a beach watching bikini-clad women stroll by. Once a user spots a woman s/he likes, he or she can hurl a gold chain at them. If the player hits the unsuspecting woman she magically turns into a trophy; if not, she continues out of the frame.

The game is predictably creepy. But given the song’s questionable lyrics in which Yeezy brags about “winning” because he bested NBA and NFL players to be the first to impregnate his boo, I’m not sure it can be anything but weird.

Take a look at the troubling game below:

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