A few weeks ago my mother stole a pair of vintage Gucci sunglasses from my house when she stayed over to house sit. When I noticed they were gone a day later, I called her and asked if she had them. And of course she admitted to snatching them.

Sunday is Mother’s Day and that will be her gift. Along with maybe a purse to match the sunglasses. But it depends on how she acts.

My son asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day but since he’s a kid, with no source of income (we don’t do allowance) I told him the only thing he had to do was clean my bedroom and bathroom. Oddly enough, after looking at both rooms, he said he’ll borrow money from someone to buy me a gift.

The definition of a mother has evolved throughout the years. Unfortunately for some people, there are those who either don’t know their birth mother, or don’t have a good relationship with theirs. If they’re lucky enough, they may have that person who’s stepped up to the plate to take on a mother role. Whether it’s another family member, mentor, or even a family friend, mothers come in all varieties.

On this Mother’s Day, appreciate the people in your who’ve taken on that role, and if they were the ones who gave birth to you, show them how much you care on Sunday and other 364 days out of the year.

Clutchettes, what are you getting your mother for Mother’s Day?


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