Three years ago, Porsha Williams gave a church sermon that is now causing her to apologize for her words used. Williams’ sermon was given at High Praise Christian Center Ministries in Georgia and she stated that, “We Christians are supposed to be telling the hooker on the street, the drug dealer … the gays, the lesbians – we’re supposed to be trying to save them and tell them, ‘You are worthy'”.

Check out the video below:

Now Williams is apologizing. My heart was heavy and it’s imperative for me to address the issue,” Williams says in a video message. “God loves all of his children.” 

“The sermon was shown not in its entirety, therefore the message was omitted,” Williams says in her statement. “I apologize that those words hurt the LGBT community, my fans and my supporters. Life is a journey and I’m growing every day.” 

Do you think Porsha owes anyone an apology?

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  • ♎Lauren♎

    If that what she really believes, then NO. She shouldn’t apologize. Disagreeing with homosexuality does not equal homophobia. It’s a shame she couldn’t stand on what she believed. Either she didn’t believe that in the first place or she souled out for money which is even more sad. It’s true. If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

  • Why now? And, why should she apologize? She should stand on what she believe, don’t confused people coz that hurt much.

  • L Blake Brown