RIP Maya Angelou


As I’m typing this, I’m literally in tears. Maya Angelou, poet, author, civil rights activist, director, educator, speaker, performer, every woman, has passed away today at the age of 86.

Angelou was found unresponsive by her caretaker this morning.

Angelou had been reportedly battling health problems. She recently canceled a scheduled appearance of a special event to be held in her honor.

She has received over 50 honorary degrees and was Reynolds Professor of American Studies at Wake Forest University.

Rest in peace, Maya.

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel- Maya Angelou


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  • sarah james

    I have been so moved by the passing of Dr. Angelou, more than words can say. I discovered this poem by a writer named Erickka Sy Savane that captures what I feel. Please read…

    I just heard that my favorite library has burned. When I got the news I wanted to
    cry, “Why this library and not another? This library, though old and
    frail, still had so much more to give. Just recently it was set to be
    given another award for its incredible contribution to the world. I
    can’t help but wonder what my life might have been without this library.

    You see, I discovered it when I was just 12 years old. It’s not that I
    had never seen a library, I remember being rolled into libraries in a
    red wagon alongside my brother before I even knew what to do. There was
    something special about this one. This library was beautiful. But not in
    the way of perfectly painted walls or high prestine ceilings, this
    library was worn and rough around the edges from a life that hadn’t been
    too kind. This library was filled with character and boasted stories so
    captivating that one had to stop.

    There was tragedy, triumph and enough resilience to make anyone feel
    that if the worst were to happen in his own life somehow it would all be

    And let’s not forget the words. Words zipping around in circles
    intertwining reconfiguring decomposing creating new ways to say things
    old and new. Ultimately, landing on the page like a beautiful symphony.
    This library was cool in the way that Miles Davis was. I would come to
    this place every day after school because there really was nothing
    greater to do.

    Then one day I moved to the Big City and discovered bigger libraries
    in beautiful places with new books filled with slicker vocabulary, hip
    hop themes and caviar dreams. Before you know it, I forgot all about
    that library.

    Then babies are born, rent is due, and there’s no time for libraries.
    Books even seem a luxury from a life lived long ago. I’m in the middle
    of washing dishes when I get the news that my favorite library has
    burned. I’m stunned into silence because though I knew it would have to
    happen one day, because let us not forget this library was old enough to
    be deemed a historical landmark, I can’t help but feel the loss. I
    would have visited more had I known that it might not be here forever.