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Donald Sterling’s estranged wife, Shelly, sat down with the Today show’s Savannah Guthrie to watch and respond to her husband’s CNN interview Monday night. While she agrees with the NBA’s decision to force her husband to sell the L.A. Clippers, she cites the NBA’s actions to push her out, too, as sexism.

“…Why am I the victim when he’s the perpetrator?” she asks. “If somebody killed somebody, does the wife have to stand trial too?” Sterling’s attorney, Pierce O’Donnell, says, “She had nothing to do with it. Is this because she’s a woman?”

Um, is it because she’s still his wife, which means he would still kinda own the team? She claims to have been “contemplating divorce for years” and “almost filed papers last week,” but her attorneys advised her against that because of “the financial issues.” So, ma’am, no.

Sterling says there are many fans who support her in the meantime, though.

“Well, I went to the game about two days ago,” she says. “I was sitting up in the box. All the fans right below me were high-fiving me, saying, ‘Go girl. Don’t give up.’”

“Go girl?” Y’all know that’s code for black fans, right?

And maybe in a roundabout way she’s trying her husband doesn’t really dislike black people, but he just doesn’t realize what he’s saying. In fact, Sterling says she doesn’t even know what he says.

She believes her husband may be suffering from dementia because one minute he screams and hollers about a topic and the next minute he speaks calmly about another. Plus bringing Magic Johnson’s name into the whole mix – including Monday night’s interview – made no sense to her. But Guthrie points out that dementia doesn’t make one say racist things.

Maybe not. Unless, of course, one is already racist.

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  • G

    Clutchetts & Clutchers, please give me the permission to say the following: Everyone involved in this is perfectly sickening!

    Donald Sterling – Master of What he views as the Clipper Plantation . . . but he is not racist . . . just forget what he says and has done!

    Mrs. Sterling – Mistress of What she views as the Clipper Plantation . . . but she is not a racist . . . “girlfriend”

    V. Stiviano (or however she spells it) – Willingly self appointed Jezebel (who really wants to be “the character form the film Imitation of Life”) of What she views as the Clipper Plantation . . . she slipped into madness when (in Donald’s view) she wanted to experience her Blackness via Magic Johnson . . . remember “the character form the film Imitation of Life” only went into the see her Black mother, when no one was looking.


    • Tonididitonem

      You seem to have the harshest words for v stiviano. Hmmm

    • G

      As I stated in my opening statement “Everyone involved in this is perfectly sickening!”

      I am well aware of Donald Sterling is a racist as well as his wife. He has a documented history of racist acts, statements and stereotyping of anyone who is not to his . . . shall we use the indelicate statement of not his kind.

      Sterling and his wife are living in the new “Gilded Age 2.0”. Where people are cheap and to be used, until they are deemed to have “stepped out of their place”. Which is not surprising given his age and background. That being said, their attitudes toward minorities is not excusable, nor forgivable, nor forgettable!

      I have no problem with his girlfriend, except that I view her, as I view the girlfriend’s of most powerful men (not to be confused with men who are simply “rich”). Usually these women have an inflated since of self importance. It is as if through some form of osmosis they, themselves believe they’ve acquired power! This for me, makes her the bigger fraud!

      She knew what and who this man was!

      A POSER, wishing to be like he!

  • ALM247

    Shelly Sterling’s argument is dumb. The media is reporting that the owner’s contract stipulates that not only can Sterling be forced to sell, but that anyone tied to him (i.e. his family members) can also be ousted.

    She needs to leave the sexism argument alone. As soon as this came to light, some media outlets were already reporting that her mindset is just as destructive as her husband’s mindset.

    She is talking big because she thinks that she is looking innocent in all of this, but Shelly Sterling better find a seat before someone releases some info on her.

    Also, as the Clutch poster mentioned, dementia only seems to make people relive things that have already happened. It’s like someone getting drunk. The alchohol is a truth serum. The alcohol only makes what was already inside come out.

    I’m not sure what the other Clutch regulars think, but I for one would like to stop hearing about the Sterlings and V. Stiviano. The only thing that I want to hear next is that the team has been sold 100% to an appropriate owner.