Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 11.28.17 PMAsk director Spike Lee his one professional regret and he’ll tell you it’s the rape scene in the movie She’s Gotta Have..

In an interview with Deadline, he says:

If I was able to have any do-overs, that would be it. It was just totally…stupid. I was immature. It made light of rape, and that’s the one thing I would take back. I was immature, and I hate that I did not view rape as the vile act that it is.

In the movie, the main character, Nola Darling, is a Brooklyn artist who juggles three different guys. One night, Nola invites one of the suitors, Jamie, over with plans to seduce him, but he in turn rapes her.

The rape scene was criticized by one writer as being “out-of-place” since the movie was a comedy, not to mention the audience was left feeling that Jamie’s actions as justified, as if Nola “asked for it.”

It simply sent the wrong message. Rape is a violent act against women, and no one asks for it. Today, most will argue haphazard rape scenes are insensitive and generally have no place on screen.

Thirty years later, Lee realizes this, too.

“I can promise you, there will be nothing like that in She’s Gotta Have It, the TV show, that’s for sure,” he says.

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  • Anthony

    Good, Spike Lee is a man who loves to criticize others, it is nice to see him reflect on his own shortcomings.

  • Objection

    If done correctly, a rape scene can be educational for everyone. Rape does not have to involve a man and a woman. The rape scene can be a man sexually assaulting another man. The movie can show the man victim losing his pride and power. The movie can show the judicial system dogging out the man victim. The police not taking the allegations seriously. The doctors performing a rape kit on the man. The jury not believing his testimony. At the end of the movie, the man victim can walk out the courtroom with his head down after the not guilty verdict. The closing credits can start to appear as the music plays in the background.

    • Anthony

      That would be powerful but good luck getting it funded!

    • Objection

      Funding is not the problem. Artist just don’t have guts. Everyone does the same thing over and over. Computers, Adobe Premiere, 1080p cameras, and the internet has opened a new market for artist.

  • I appreciate when filmmakers can be reflexive and honest about their work. None of us do/get everything right all of the time.