People gonna learn one of these days. Leave the animals alone! They don’t want to be involved with your narcissistic selfie taking asses. This poor squirrel was just minding his own business, probably just trying to get a nut when one of those loony Reddit users tried to snap a photo during an outing in Tampa, Florida.

“I approached it making a clicking noise with my tongue; phone drawn,” he said. “When I got close enough, the squirrel actually tried grabbing my phone. I shook it off, then snapped this photo.”



The squirrel then kirked out and attacked him.



“Next thing I knew, the squirrel was on my shoulder, then under my shirt, and then hanging off my back!” He told BuzzFeed. “This photo is courtesy of my mom, who collapsed laughing shortly after.”

Good for you. Lesson learned, I’m sure.

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