Earlier this week we wrote about the tragic murder of Hearne, Texas resident  Pearlie “Ms. Sully” Golden.  

According to witnesses, Golden was shot by the police officer at least 5 times. Robertson County Sheriff’s office released a statement saying the police officer responded to a 911 call about a lady waving a gun around outside a home. When Officer Stephen Stem arrived, he asked Golden to “put down the weapon and then ultimately fired his own sidearm, wounding Miss Golden.”


The police officer has been placed on administrative leave and the District Attorney’s Office is investigating the case, which will be presented to a grand jury.

But now Hearne’s mayor is calling for the officer to be fired.

Hearne Mayor Ruben Gomez said he will recommend Stem be fired at a city council meeting Saturday.

“It’s a loss of confidence in the community. We can’t have an officer the citizens have lost confidence in,” Gomez said.

Candles left in vigil remained outside Golden’s  home two days after the shooting. Neighbors said she lived alone and that her husband had been a Hearne police officer himself.


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  • Anthony

    This is the second person this officer had killed in that small town. That person was unarmed at the time of death. I suspect having a Latino mayor is helpful in this situation because he can imagine this cop killing shooting people in his community too.

    The police need training for dealing with the mentally ill, and perhaps there should be special EMTs trained to do this sort of work instead of the police.

    • G

      I couldn’t agree with you more!

      In most cases our police forces are poorly trained, let alone the proper psychological test given prior to hiring. Then add to the mix, officers in charge/supervisors who could have these same problems themselves AND MORE.

      Instead of just constantly protesting removal or conviction, we should look toward requiring the proper steps to prevent such incidents.

    • Anthony

      The most obvious step would be to secure all guns or remove them totally from the homes of senile or mentally ill people.

    • G

      Again, I’m in agreement, but the most obvious step doesn’t address the other problems.

      Reform is needed.

    • Tisch

      US AG Eric Holder’s lastest initiative re policing and racial profiling is I believe what will seek the community’s participation in developing solutions to improve training to reduce incidents of similar type. Which I hope means a rigorous psychological testing of new police applicants and current officials that identify racial prejudices in attitudes and levels of hostility. Sexism education is A MUST too.

      Though I blame the government and local officials for allowing the racist fascist rhetoric broadcasted on satellite radio & tv, This is what inflames hostilities and drives animosity. Yet, it continues unabated.

  • Mary Burrell

    Not only should he be fired he also should be tried for murder as well.

    • I agree. The act was blatantly heinous. Shooting an elderly woman five times in that fashion is truly obscene.