Two men were arrested at a Waffle House in South Carolina because their pants were sagging and exposing their boxers.

Andrew Gehring and Donovan Johnson, both 22, were asked by a security guard to pull up their pants and not show their boxers, authorities told the New York Daily News. But allegedly, the two men became hostile, instead, standing up for their right to wear low-riding pants.

“Mr. Johnson and Mr. Gehring both advised that they were out to have fun and implied they were Wofford students graduating this date and it wasn’t their concern that proper decorum was needed in the public domain,” according to the police report cited by the Daily News.

The pair continued to be belligerent and used foul language as police officers tried to arrange rides home for them, according to the sheriff’s office. Deputies put Gehring and Johnson under arrest for disorderly conduct and taken to the Spartanburg County Jail for booking.

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  • Kai26

    One has to wonder why the sagging pants trend is still even popular. I am tired of seeing male persons with their ass hanging out. What is the point?

    • Not only that, but a number of businesses require that you wear shirts and shoes when you enter their buildings. Therefore wearing your pants below your waist is not a right. Clearly, they still have much to learn.

    • RuthM

      Saggin is still popular because it has long been embraced by the Hip Hop culture. Saggin has been around over 20 years (outside of prisons), except back in the day it was associated with gang ties. I remember my high school having concerns with that issue versus showing your underwear.

      I guess I’m all for a lil looseness around the hips, but these young people nowadays have taken it to a whole different level. Men saggin skinny jeans around their knees!

  • AfroStyling

    Good riddance. I don’t know why these men think people want to see their boxers.

    • Anthony

      Sagging is going to be one of those “fashions” that everyone is going to ashamed to admit having done once it goes out of style. Looking at teenaged or grown men’s underwear is disgusting. I also think there is some unintentionally homoerotic about men intentionally wearing their pants just underneath their buttocks, it is as if they are advertising their goods. The irony is that 99.8% of the daggers would be ready to kill someone who thought they were gay.

  • lil ray

    They where arrested for Disorderly Conduct not sagging pants.

  • 1989

    The title is misleading if they were actually arrested for acting a fool when told to pull up their pants, instead of for actually having their pants hanging low in the first place. And who even knows how much truth there is to that, since young black men don’t have to do a whole lot to be considered “hostile” and “belligerent”.

  • ashleydark

    well…maybe i’m wrong here, i hate sagging pants too but isn’t it your first amendment right to wear what you like? unless there is sign that says no saggy pants (like must wear shirt/shoes/pants), i don’t see how thats okay.. first its the pants, then what will they move on to next… just long term thinking ,i don’t want anyone telling me how to dress