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They don’t want it.

While the world continues to mourn Dr. Maya Angelou’s passing, controversial “Christian” group Westboro Baptist Church is planning to picket her funeral.

Westboro Baptist is the same group that threatened to burn hundreds of Qurans in 2011 kicking off an international crisis, and they’ve also protested the funerals of dead American soldiers, LGBT people, celebrities, and other public figures. Now it seems they have trained their sights on Dr. Angelou’s memorial because of her inclusive beliefs.

In a series of vile tweets, the “church” asked its followers to find out when and where Dr. Angelou’s funeral will take place so they can show up and spew their hate.

The move can be seen as little more than a publicity stunt since the group appears to be less concerned about spreading the word of God and more about furthering their hateful messages.

Though Westboro believes God “punished” Dr. Angelou for loving everyone, she enjoyed a long and prosperous life. She not only taught around the world, but she also worked closely with both Malcolm X and Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. to advocate for civil rights, and was close friends with one of America’s greatest writers, James Baldwin. Dr. Angelou also sat on two presidential committees, was awarded the Presidential Medal of Arts in 2000, and received the Lincoln Medal in 2008.

In short: Mother Maya lived, and quite well! 

Whether or not Westboro Baptist Church actually protests Dr. Angelou’s funeral remains to be seen, but considering how beloved Dr. Angelou was around the world, the group may just get more than they bargained for if they show up.

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