Jahi McMath has been on life support since she was declared brain dead on December 12, three days following tonsil surgery.  McMath, who had undergone procedures to treat sleep apnea, went into cardiac arrest and coughed up blood in the recovery room at by Children’s Hospital Oakland.  McMath’s family has been successful in getting her school to honor the 13-year-old with a diploma.

Omari Sealey, the uncle of Jahi McMath, said Wednesday the girl’s school, E.C. Reems Academy of Technology and Arts in Oakland, will give the diploma to a family member. The school’s graduation ceremony is Friday.

Jahi’s parents have kept their daughter on life support and recently updated their GoFundMe page:

“Jahi is still sleep but physically stable! No pic lines, no catheters, no I.V, she maintains all her vitals on her own, no medicines needed. I am giving her lots of vitamins and fish oil thru her feeding tube.

She moves around so much that we have to put pillows around her bed. She responds to pain, cold and touch. She can turn her head from left to right and her ventilator is set to room air so she is not getting any extra oxygen like she was before.

Her skin is flawless and she gets a mani and pedi every week done by me (mom) She gets physical therapy three times a week and never has a stiff joint!

All organs are healthy and fully functional! She is such a fighter! Remember she didn’t get any nutrition for 28 days from the other hospital and she recovered from that quickly. Prayer is so powerful!”


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