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We love our hair and we love social media so when you put the two together you get a plethora of gorgeousness that needs so explanation. I love perusing through picture after picture of stunning styles that inspire and leave me awe-struck. It’s never boring and seeing like-minded women embracing their natural tresses gives me and others the strength to keep moving even when we sometimes falter during the journey. The best part of this journey is the togetherness we feel when we see others who look like us sharing their path, tips, secrets and failures. It’s a reminder that none of us are alone and we have others to help us when we need it and to remind us this pilgrimage is worth it.

I never tire of the pictures, the posts, the videos and the women who take natural hair seriously enough to document, snap a selfie and focus on the good that comes with being natural. No matter where you are in your path, knowing the right women who can bring you closer to your hair goals is crucial in staying the course and loving the ride because there are so many who have gone on before and loving sharing the experience. Here we have the 20 naturals who need to be following because they have the movement as their focus and they have the focus in their pages.

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