Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 1.46.21 PMThe more we advance with styles, techniques or hair care, the more we forget just how some new styles and be bad for us.  I can think back to my high school days and remember some of the crazy styles we were rocking and the abuse we inflicted on our tresses to get those styles but everything and I mean errythang was about your hair looking perfect.  Well, when hair STYLE surpasses hair CARE on your priority list you can end up with hair PROBLEMS. Some hair problems have nothing to do with whether you are relaxed or natural.  Every woman can experience bad hair care.

Bottom line…any woman can experience thinning, breaking or bald edges.  It’s about hair care, style or neglect and even though there are some illnesses that can cause thinning hair, more often than not, if you are experiencing it then you may need to revamp your hair care routine to rectify the problem. It’s easy to fall into bad hair habits especially if the problem isn’t seen immediately. It can become a vicious cycle once it begins because the more they break the more you may be trying to hide it as opposed to stopping the bad behavior and fixing the problem.  If you are seeing those edges are in need of repair first find out what’s causing it and then change your routine!

Protective Styles that are too tight or worn too often – Protective styles are hair styles that try and protect your ends from the elements, clothing, over-manipulation.  The term has taken on a new meaning as the natural hair movement swells to magnanimous numbers. I understand that things change but sometimes the original meaning was there for a reason.  Many are using wigs, weaves and braids as protective styles and although the hair is technically protected under the added hair, sometimes the so-called protector is doing more harm than good.

If you are wearing added hair that’s too tight then you are risking breaking all over your head but the edges are more susceptible to the breakage.  Tight hairstyles are one of the biggest contributors to thinning edges and even though it may seem like your edges can take the constant punch, they will show you pretty soon how much they truly can’t. The tighter the hair, the longer the style will last but it really means the tighter the style the less of your edges you will be left with.

Added hair is great if used wisely so even if you are not wearing them too tight don’t use them as a crutch and wear them too often.  Your hair needs a break from the added hair and longer than a couple of hours.  Give it a week or more and deep condition and/or protein condition in between applications.  Give your edges the time to heal from the stress of the added hair.

Harsh gels and/or excessive brushing  – We love those slick ponytails and we hate flyaways but when we are constantly slapping that gel on and slicking down those edges we are smothering them with drying gels and brushing them to death.  The drying gels will make your hair dry and brittle and more prone to breakage and the brush can be hard on those edges that are fragile.  Make sure to use non-drying gels like Ecostyler Styling gel, Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper or Kinky Curly Curling Custard just to name a few.  Find other ways to get those edges down without the excessive use of gels and brushing.  Place a silk or satin scarf on your hair right after you style it and keep it on for at least 30 minutes but even longer if you have the time.  Watch how well your edges (and the rest of your hair) lays down smoother and softer than any harsh gel or brush could ever get it to do without all of their damage.

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