Aaron McGruder may not be a part of  The Boondocks any more, but his new series on Adult Swim is premiering in a few weeks. And it may piss off a lot of Christians and white people in the process.

Black Jesus is a live-action series starring Grand Theft Auto voice Lamar Davis, which finds The Lord “living in present day Compton, Ca., on a daily mission to spread love and kindness throughout the neighborhood with the help of his small but loyal group of downtrodden followers.”

The series premieres Thursday, Aug. 7 on Adult Swim. Here’s a glimpse of what will surely get a lot of people talking:

Clutchettes, do you plan on watching “Black Jesus”?

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  • i mean

    Black Jesus was fun a while ago, but it has run its course. I feel like a show will ruin it. That goes for tubesteak as well.

  • Den Un


  • Kema

    First thing I thought!!! My black Jesus has locs.

  • skilletblonde

    Awful! Just plain awful. Where is the genius in McGruder’s work?

  • I’ve been anticipating the shows arrival for a year now, but after seeing the trailer, I’m no longer interested. I’ll watch it to give it a shot, but I dunno…it’s not looking too good.