Dear VH1 & Robin Thicke:

Did you not see this coming?

Yesterday, Vh1 tweeted, “Have a burning question for @robinthicke? Submit your ?s for tomorrow’s Twitter Q+A using #AskThicke!”

Well of course people have questions. And no, they’re not about Robin’s music. Duh. 

But might as well play along, since VH1 asked?  The hatred that people have for this man is monumental. Just take a look at a few tweets below:

So wrong, but so right. Apparently no one told the people at VH1 that Thicke isn’t the most popular person around nowadays.

Clutchettes, what would you #AskThicke?

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  • CAsweetface

    UMMM didn’t the ask R. Kelly and ask Draya from Basketball wives prove that Q&A on twitter is usually a bad idea unless you are providing value to the universe? Are all PR people on vacation or out to lunch these days? I could’ve told him #askthicke wasn’t going to go over well.
    But I will say, regardless of this man’s antics, misogyny (which I’m not excusing), I like the continuous streams of apologies he’s giving around the globe to his estranged wife. Taking responsibility for your actions and apologizing seems to be a dying tradition.

    • OSHH

      You know IMO his public begging, and apologies seem stalkerish, creepy and like he is trying to guilt/manipulate and control her after the fact. Dude needs to quit, like really just stop.

    • CAsweetface

      I can see that and I don’t know them nor have I kept up with the back story of their lives but on a basic level, I just like to hear or see people taking responsibility for something or apologizing for wrong doing. If he’s sincere, its probably too late for him anyway, but good for him. I’m sure its some sort of marketing ploy but if it is its not working its actually having the opposite effect on his life. Idk…I feel like human decency gets worse each day so seeing a public apology is refreshing to me.

  • OSHH

    So glad some asked about when the “robbing” of Marvin Gaye’s catalog will cease.