The news coming out of Detroit lately hasn’t been all that great: widespread poverty, reproductive health gaps, water shut-offs, and now the first anniversary of its bankruptcy filing. But what about city improvements and small business that are helping to rebuild and revitalize the city?

There have been a few stories spotlighting Detroit’s hot spots and small ventures, but hardly any mentioned black Detroiters, who make up 83 percent of the city. And with 32,000 black business owners in Detroit, according to 2007 U.S. Census Bureau, it isn’t hard to find one to showcase. In fact, Huffington Post has compiled a list of at least 10 ranging from the food industry to health and beauty to economic development that help contribute to the city’s resurgence.

“During the good times and the bad times, black-owned businesses have been around, primarily serving their community,” says local developer George Stewart, who moved to Detroit from Baton Rouge, Louisiana in the 1960s. Such businesses, Stewart says, have long been “circulating resources, building wealth [and] opening doors to other opportunities, such as higher education and lifestyle.”

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  • Orlando coombs

    Everything pertaining to black people is all negative in the media. Crime, violence, drugs, the worst living conditions, poverty and people living like animals as if this is all what’s going on in the black community. Bullshit. We got millions of black men, women, and children working, going to school, and living decent clean civilized lives and doing the right things, all day, every day. 45,000,000 million blacks in America and you think we all ghetto and poor and living like shit. That’s garbage. Most of us are law abiding people, that’s a fact. We ain’t all criminals. So many beautiful and positive things are happening in the black community all day everyday. But we only recognized for ratchetness. But that’s not a real depiction of day to day black life in America, not at all.