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Speaking of leave-outs (your actual hair that you leave out of your sew-in in order to blend with your extensions resulting in a more natural look), when installing your sew-in you should think about styles that prevent as little of your actual hair from being exposed as possible, especially if your hair does not naturally blend with your weave hair. There is nothing worse than having to constantly monitor your edges and leave-out throughout the day for fear your hair is not blending with your weave. Using a lot of heat to blend your hair is a no-no as well, so stick to an edge controller work wonders.

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  • smith

    do not wear your extensions in the pool or the sea! The chemicals in swimming pools not only contain chlorine which can give blonde locks a horrible hue, but it can also dry out your extensions really badly and make them become matted, which is not a good look! Unique of Sheffield Hair Extensions Sheffield

  • Hookie Do

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