This past April, the army rolled out new regulations that essentially discriminated against black women with natural hair. Sergeant Jasmine Jacobs of the Georgia National Guard launched a petition taking issue with the approved styles, which are the “costly,” “time-consuming,” and altered ones like relaxed and weaved hair. But The Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams decided to take it a step further – via Operation Black Hair, to educate others on the “complexity of black hair.”

Williams’ first student was retired Lieutenant Commander Thomas Cheever who immediately defended the new regulations.

“Soldier, it’s time to ‘suck it up.’ They’re called uniform regulations for the purpose of making people look…uniform.”

So Williams schooled him on a jar of relaxer, some pomades, a hot comb, and other tools before taking him to a salon to watch a woman get braids. Oh, and she instructed him to sit for the entire four hours, and she tested him on what he learned. By the end of Operation Black Hair, Cheevers knew the purpose of relaxer is to “lay your shit out.”

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