A former Sarasota, Florida school bus driver is saying she’s not racist, after being recorded as she was spouting some pretty racist remarks recently.

A video was uploaded by neighbors of  Pamela Michener, 52, showing the woman yelling at another neighbor, telling her she is a “black f*cking n*gger.”

Michener then yells, “Let me tell you something, you fat f*cking n*gger, maybe if you disciplined your f*cking n*gger, stinky-ass black children, I wouldn’t have to put my two cents in.”

But she isn’t racist! No, never that.

In an interview with  a WWSB reporter, Michener said, “First of all, I’m not a racist … it’s just the opposite,” then she shut the door on the reporter.

But the reporter asked Michener why did she use the racist terms, and she replied, “Well, what do you expect? My life is threatened, okay? I have people attacking me all the time. What do you expect?”

Neighbors said this wasn’t Michener’s first time going off on a racist rant, and since she is known to work as a bus driver, they felt people should know how she really is.

“I posted the video and I wanted everyone to see this is who is working with our kids,” explained Mya Ronk, Michener’s neighbor. “Everyone was outraged.”

“You have these kids, how could you work with kids when you don’t like a certain type of people?” Ronk wondered.

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