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At the top of the Forbes Most Powerful list, which ranks the entertainment industry’s most rich and famous figures, you’ll recognize more than a few faces. Beyoncé lands the #1 spot with $115 million on account of her surprise self-titled album, her “Mrs. Carter Show” which grossed about $2.4 million per show, her big brand endorsement deals, fragrances and clothing line. She even topped Oprah Winfrey who came in fourth place ($82 million) and her husband Jay Z who landed at number 6 (with $60 million).

The list also includes Lebron James at #2 with $72 million on account of his endorsement deals, Dr. Dre in third place with $620 million thanks to his highly-publicized Beats deal with Apple and Rihanna in the 8th spot with $48 million. CEO of the Money Team, Floyd Mayweather nabbed the seventh spot at $105 million. Black excellence, indeed.

See the full list here.

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  • D1Mind

    Making money doesn’t make them powerful. Not by a long shot. How much of the entertainment industry do they actually own or control?

    • G

      Exactly! these people have very little if any real influence on the greater society and in most cases do very little actual and true good for the very community that is responsible for their success!

  • Stacy L.

    Congrats to all of them. None of them inherited their wealth, I admire their hard work and determination. They should inspire us all.

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