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Times seem to be hard for at least two former members of the Fugees. First Lauryn Hill had tax problems, which she ended up serving time for. And now Pras Michel is being sued for back child support.

According to his baby mother, she’s living in a cramp NYC apartment with a toddler (like 2 million other New Yorkers), while Pras is getting his jet-setting on. From the bi-coastal living, and lavish homes, she says it’s time for Pras to pay up.

From NYPost:

“This isn’t about [Pras],” huffed the singer’s ex-girlfriend, Angela Severiano, outside court. “It’s about my son who lives in a shoebox.”

Michel’s only comment on the child-support dispute was to scream at a reporter, “Get the f—k out of my face,” before dashing out of the hearing.

Severiano, a singer-turned-consultant, testified in Manhattan Family Court that she lives in the cramped E. 91st apartment where Landon sleeps in a converted bedroom and she bunks down in the living room.

Pras is scheduled to attend court in September to testify why he shouldn’t up child support from $3,000 to $7,000 a month so Severiano can move into a larger apartment.

But until then, Pras is recuperating from flying on private jet  and chilling in Brazil.

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  • ShezSooUnusual

    I grew up without a father. I’m the last woman on the Planet who will defend “Ain’t Ish Daddies.”

    With that being said, methinks $3,000 a month is more than a sufficient amount of money for Ms. Severiano to complete her motherly duties. If she truly wants to experience the Hard Knock Life, she should walk in the shoes of women like my Mama, who raised a child/children for 18 years without receiving one thin dime in child support.

    I may be speaking out of school, but I thought the Family Court system assessed a number of factors when handing down support orders. Yes, the non-custodial parent’s income (that would be Pras, in this case) does come into play. As it should. But aren’t the child’s monthly expenses also a contributing factor?

    Some people seem to forget that child support is truly intended for the child’s expenses only. I have a difficult time believing that this kid (a toddler, no less) has expenses that would require contributions of $7,000 a month from either of his parents. Unless you’re name is Blue Ivy Carter, preschool probably isn’t that expensive.

    Again, as the product of a single parent household, I’m not unsympathetic to the plight. This, however, just reeks of someone trying to use the Family Court system for a come-up. If she wants a bigger apartment, perhaps it’s time she got a better job. (Or moved to one of the numerous vibrant U.S. cities with larger dwellings and a lower cost of living.)

    Women like this make it difficult for ladies who really do have a legitimate claim against real-live “Daddy Deadbeats.”

    • shybookworm

      “Women like this make it difficult for ladies who really do have a legitimate claim against real-live “Daddy Deadbeats.”

      Yes, this! I know alot of women who’d be grateful for 3K a month in child support. If she’s truly a consultant, I’m assuming she’s bringing in 3-4K a month on her own or more. If someone can’t make it on 6-8K a month between child support and their careers, there’s a problem.

      I think society has given rise to a class of women who do nothing but get into relationships with men with money and get pregnant by them for an 18 year meal ticket. They basically want to be part of the ladies who lunch set, while shopping around their lousy fashion, makeup or purse lines, or trying to get on a reality tv show. Ever notice these women’s only claim to fame is that they’re the ex of some famous or not-so-famous athlete, singer, rapper, etc.? Other than their looks and their ability to pimp out their coochie to the highest bidder, they have nothing to offer. Disgraceful!

    • vintage3000

      Agreed. Plus Severiano is a white chick, she probably thought she was set for life hooking up with a black sorta famous musician. She should have aimed higher than an ex-Fugee who’s not even Wyclef. How embarrassing.

    • ShezSooUnusual

      I’m glad she’s not a Sista. If she were Black, I can already imagine all the slander and anti-Black woman rhetoric we’d have to be subjected to across social media. Anytime any Black woman does anything that could be viewed as even remotely shady, every Black woman in America has to be drug over a hot coal. You know…because all Black women are the same. (Insert eye-rolling here.)

      I’m no racist, but Ms. Severiano’s race actually makes me a little less sympathetic to her. The fact is (whether some people are willing to admit it or not), American society is set up for the White man and his woman to succeed. It’s people of color, Black folks in particular, who often have to strive just a little harder for the same opportunities that our White brothers and sisters are afforded at birth…and take for granted. (It’s called White privilege, for those not in-the-know.)

      So, Ms. Severiano, if you can’t make it in a society that was designed for you to succeed, that’s your problem.

    • ShezSooUnusual

      “If someone can’t make it on 6-8K a month between child support and their careers, there’s a problem.”

      I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

      Actually, I agree with you on all points. It’s very discouraging that there are ladies among us who seem to feel they have no other marketable skill aside from their overworked catbags and their ability to pop out trust fund babies. Newflash, Girl: Serving up your cookies is not a talent.

      Whether or not this woman falls into that category is anyone’s guess, but knowing what we do about the Facebook/Twitter/Instagram generation, I wouldn’t be surprised.

      It makes me wonder what some parents out there are teaching their girls about what to look for in a potential partner — and what our young women are learning about respecting themselves in general.

  • Tonididitonem

    Oh dear and the cycle continues #BlackamericanDadStory

  • doris carter

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  • Jetty

    Real Questions: Are the parents supposed to both be splitting living, food, transportation costs, and schooling/clothing costs for the child? If so, in NYC is 3K really sufficient b/c that sounds like rent and a few meals, if any,but def not school or child care. 3K in St.Louis may get you right but in the City IDK. And is it reasonable that a father who is traveling the globe isn’t giving his child the same level of experiences that he is having? And is it wrong for the mother to advocate for more? Like its cool to take your kid to the museum but if you know his father can afford discovery camp shouldn’t you advocate for that since raising a brilliant child who will benefit society is the point. Or are we all just jumping on a woman we don’t know and assuming she is trying to get more so she can buy purses?

    • ShezSooUnusual

      Some of you have misunderstood the point I’m trying to convey. I’m not accusing her of anything. I’m just pointing out that it is not his job to finance her move to a larger apartment. He’s no longer her man and therefore his only responsibilities now are to their child.

      She’s made no mention of wanting said child exposed to greater cultural opportunities, as you suggests. According to her court petition, she wants the money so she can afford to move into a larger apartment. My thing is if the court has determined, based on Pras’ income and the child’s expenses, that $3,000 is a sufficient monthly sum, any extra money she needs for a move is her problem. (I know single parents who have to survive off of $100 a month in support. What’s her excuse again?)

      The consulting business is usually very lucrative and this woman is known around Big Apple social circles (Google her), I have difficulty believing that she brings in any less than $5,000 a month. But it would be typical for a White woman in America to believe that a monthly bounty of $8,000 is living below the poverty line.

  • ShezSooUnusual

    You inferred a lot of things from my statement that I didn’t even say. No one is accusing this woman of anything. If you don’t ask, you won’t know. So, I’m simply asking people who have children (because I’ve made the conscious decision to have none), how the Family Court makes these determinations. I inquired about this child’s expenses, because based on what we’re reading here, an employed woman who likely makes $3,000 a month all by her lonesome should have more than enough money to live when she’s receiving monthly support from a wealthy ex.

    What is with some of you Black women’s desperate need to throw on a cape and jump to the defense of these White broads? I’m no racist, I just have the wherewithal to know that if the shoe were on the other foot, they would very likely do just the opposite.