Here’s another reason to love Humans of New York. HONY, as its affectionally dubbed, is a Facebook and Instagram profile created by Brandon. Brandon shoots and posts images of fascinating New Yorkers alongside humorous or moving captions about what brought them to New York, their experience and their thoughts. Today’s post is especially inspiring, already garnering over 1 million likes and almost 50,000 shares. It features a woman who went from being a teen mom to the boss of her company. Here’s her story:

“I had a child when I was sixteen. I got kicked out of high school because of all the absences. My family and community pretty much wrote me off. But right away I got a job at a sporting goods store. Soon I was able to get a job as a receptionist at a tax company, and they gave me enough responsibilities that I learned how to do taxes. Eventually I learned enough to become an associate. Then I got offered a job at a smaller company, and even though it was a pay cut, they offered me responsibility over all the books– accounts payable, accounts receivable, everything. It was less money but I wanted that experience so I took the risk. And I’m so glad I did, because six months later, the controller of that company left and I was given that position. They told me they couldn’t officially call me the controller because I didn’t have a college degree. So I finished my degree 5 months ago– just to make it official! So after having a child at sixteen, I made it all the way to controller of a company, without even having a college degree. Can you believe that? Honestly, I’ve been waiting to tell that story so long that I told it to a customer service representative on the phone last week. She was nice about it and pretended to care.”

These are the kinds of stories we love to read. What do you think about Humans of New York, Clutchettes and Gents?

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  • pinkbaby

    What an ingenious woman. I am inspired by how strategic she has been about her life. YOU have to help YOU. She was careful and deliberate in the choices she made and it paid off. I think a lot of us can learn from her!

  • gull2861

    Inspiring story. its unfortunate she had to take such a difficult path but reinforces the paradigm that life isnt as much what happens to you as it is what you do when things do happen to you.

  • temple

    Brains, beauty and ingenuity! Love it!

  • CAsweetface

    YES! These are the kinds of stories I love to hear. These are the images we should be reposting on social media not kermit the frog memes that I don’t understand where the hell they even came from!

  • BeFreeProject

    I read this yesterday! Very inspiring! #noexcuses