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Jada, the 16-year-old girl in Texas who was sexually assaulted at a party last month and doubly victimized when images taken of the assault went viral online has just posted a powerful image along with the hashtag “IAmJada.  Go Jada and we stand behind you 100 percent.

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  • Procrastinator

    I really hope people don’t lose interest in this story. It seems like the only way people really get help or hope for justice is if their story goes viral. Jada is so strong and I don’t think too many teenagers or grown adults would have the courage to stand up to their attackers, and internet bullies who find rape funny. GO JADA!!

  • blogdiz

    Why is it taking so long for those bastards to be arrested ????

  • Michelle

    I don’t like to say that I am personally invested in this case, but then I would be lying to myself and to y’all. I am invested because I have been in this girl’s shoes twice. The first time was when I was fifteen and the second time occurred, when I was seventeen. The first incident happened in a fashion that is similar to Jada’s case. I had attended a party (a BBQ-Birthday party) and I was given a drink, a cup of soda, by a friend. This friend was a boy that was my best friend since we were in kindergarten. His mom was a family friend. The second incident involved brutality and violence.
    In a sick, morbid way, I am glad that the camera phone wasn’t on the market at that time because I’m sure that there would’ve been pictures on the ‘net.

    • blogdiz

      I am so sorry for your experiences this also happened to a family member at a seemingly innocent sweet 16 party , what also hurt her was that the rapist’s accomplice who conspired to give her the spiked drink was a boy she trusted who was her friend for years and she used to help with his homework etc that sense of betrayal was almost as painful as the rape itself.
      I hope that you got help and justice and that Jada will do the same

    • Michelle

      Thank you for your condolences.

    • Mary Burrell

      @ Michelle: I hope you are ok. So sorry to hear this.

    • Michelle

      I am doing okay.
      I am still jumping some emotional hurdles, but I am doing okay.

    • Ms. Vee

      OMG! Im so sorry. Stay strong.

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