Lauryn Hill is back to her old shenanigans again. Ms. Hill, as she likes to be referred to nowadays, was performing at the House of Blue in Chicago recently and was almost an hour late. ¬†Apparently concert goers weren’t too pleased, or didn’t know her history of lateness, and took issue with it.

TMZ reported that one man in the audience heckled Ms. Hill and she heckled back. The Miseducation singer spoke about being respectful and also had security remove the man from the audience.

As a frequent concert goer, and someone whose been to a handful of Ms. Hill’s concerts, yes, she has a lateness issue. During a Rock The Bells concert a few years back, she was actually about 2 hours late. Imagine standing outside in the heat, for an extra 2 hours. Then to only have her rush through her set and turn her classics into a Ska concert.

In any event, if people are planning to attend any upcoming shows, hope for the best, expect the worst, when time is a factor. But there has to come a time when Ms. Hill realizes, ain’t nobody got time for her lateness.

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