drozI swear there’s a segment in every episode of the Dr. Oz Show that could pertain to me. But when I really sit and listen to his proposed remedies, I immediately think, “Damn, what can I eat or drink, Dr. Oz?” because there’s something “bad” about every little thing I consume.

But with his seemingly massive following, I thought I was the one person to ever raise an eyebrow at his advice.

University of Rochester medical student Benjamin Mazer wants Dr. Oz to have several seats in the waiting area because his “pseudoscience” ultimately hurts patients, especially when they take Dr. Oz’s advice over their own primary doctors.

“We had all of this first-hand experience with patients who really liked his show and trusted him quite a bit. [Dr. Oz] would give advice that was really not great or it had no medical basis. It might sound harmless when you talk about things like herbal pills or supplements. But when the physicians’ advice conflicted with Oz, the patients would believe Oz.”

I’d say that’s problematic for patients who opt to forego traditional medicine for homeopathy especially for serious medical conditions. In one instance, a 60-year-old suffering from diabetes, heart disease, and obesity refused her medications in favor of green coffee beans because Dr. Oz said they’ll help her lose weight.

“She had watched the Dr. Oz Show featuring green coffee-bean supplements – and how it was great to lose weight – and she was convinced this was going to be a huge impact on her weight. We tried to politely express concerns that this probably wasn’t going to be effective because there’s no evidence for it. She refused the diabetes medications. The hope she had placed in the green coffee-bean extract was part of that.”

Apparently Mazer isn’t the only one displeased with Dr. Oz. John Oliver had a few things to say about the popular physician in a recent episode of Last Week Tonight.

Mazer has also brought a proposal before the Medical Society of the State of New York to crack down on physicians like Dr. Oz.

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