Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 7.43.14 AMMost dieters focus on cutting excessive calories when it comes to losing weight: no junk food, no sweets, no bread, no real food. But in a new study published in the American Journal of Medicine, researchers say increased caloric intake isn’t the primary reason for obesity; the real problem is lack of exercise.

While increased caloric intake is often blamed for rising rates of obesity, no association between these was found in this study; in contrast, an association was found between the trends over time for lack of physical activity and high BMI numbers. “Our findings do not support the popular notion that the increase of obesity in the United States can be attributed primarily to sustained increase over time in the average daily caloric intake of Americans,” concludes lead investigator Dr. Uri Ladabaum. “Although the overall trends in obesity in the United States are well appreciated and obesity prevalence may be stabilizing, our analyses highlight troublesome trends in younger adults, in women, and in abdominal obesity prevalence, as well as persistent racial/ethnic disparities.”

Uh oh. I guess it’s time to buy that gym membership. And some running shoes.

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  • ALM247

    Calories do matter. There is a saying in the fitness community, “Abs are made in the kitchen”. This means that no matter how many crunches, planks and ab workouts you complete, you will not see ab muscle definition if you are not eating healthy. Only a handful of people have that high metabolism that allows them to eat anything and still be ripped.

    • Prodigy

      ALM247, thank you! I used to see some of my really skinny friends in college and I thought they all just had a “high metabolism” but really, when I observed them closely, I found that they just didn’t really eat much. They were not “into” food. They ate and forgot about it(or pretended to) until they were hungry again. That is the big secret here. Eat to live, not the other way around.

    • Kema

      Let me add… “You cant out run your diet”

  • Prodigy

    Thanks so much for sharing. I will make sure to check it out!
    That sounds like a fab breakfast, actually! Milk may be a good addition, but not necessary.
    Yes, cooking at home is so important. You need to know what you are putting into your food. There are some crazy ingredients being put in ready made food. Wow that was your first job? Ah, the glory of youth. Those were the days when we could finish work and then kick it with friends with no worries haha.
    Yes, all fast food tastes funny after you have been making good food at home. Have you ever had migraines from eating outside though? Anything with MSG and BHT is a big trigger for me. Migraines, in a way, are a gift because they keep me from making rash food decisions! Anyway, lots of people don’t know that the foods they are eating are worsening their arthritis, headaches, acne, etc. We all have to careful about what goes into our bodies.
    Have a good evening, Knotty!

    • I haven’t dealt with the headaches bc I don’t eat out much, but now that you’ve mentioned it, I’m even more paranoid about eating out!

      It’s been nice chatting with you!

    • Prodigy

      Haha, yes there is indeed a lot to be vigilant about. Good for you for taking such care.
      It has been really good talking with you :)

  • Although I agree with them in terms of the importance of exercise, I don’t agree with their conclusions.The issues with dieting has less to do with the amounts of food and more to do with the “types” of food that people consume. For instance, some people are extremely insulin resistant and do very well with Ketogenic and Low-Carb diets while other people are insulin sensitive and do better with a fairly high amount of carbs. Other people are between those two extremes and may do better with the zone protein-carb-fat ratio 30/40/40. Although small, there has actually been research conducted on those diets. You also have to factor in any food sensitivities that people have whether it is gluten, lactose (dairy), peanuts-or beans, etc. However, there is increasingly more evidence that many sugars (especially artificial sweetners) are toxic while even the so-called minerals and vitamins even in whole grain are minimal and not as easily absorbed such as in the case of vegetables. Therefore, while there is a template for what is the optimum diet (which I believe is the Paleodiet), there is no one-size-fits all diet if that makes sense. As for exercise, the current wisdom is to do (20-30 minutes) of cardio a day with 2-3 days of weight-bearing exercising. However, these are bare minimum requirements. A person almost have to incorporate exercise in their daily activities. In other words, scheduled exercise will only help you so much if you are sitting more than you are moving around.

  • Prodigy

    Just checked out your yogurt recipe. Amazing!!!