When we hear “White Diamonds” perfume, we automatically think Elizabeth Taylor. And elderly white women. Actress Nia Long is now replacing that image as the brand ambassador for the new White Diamonds called White Diamonds Lustre.

“Elizabeth Taylor said White Diamonds was her ‘Diamonds in a Bottle,’ and that’s what Lustre really is to me – Lustre just adds that extra sparkle,” says the costar of WeTv’s new drama series The Divide. “I personally love the juice pear and raspberry notes in Lustre – it gives a fresh, fruity feminine touch.”

Like its best-selling predecessor, Lustre “reflects the light of the most precious stone, the diamond, and sparkles with the energy of youth, the vibrancy of a strong personality, and the mystery of what might come next.” It explores the “fresh side” of the original fragrance.

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  • ALM247

    I think of Elizabeth Taylor, but I don’t necessarily attach the fragrance only to mature white women. I always loved the fragrance of “White Diamonds”. When i was younger I would actually use the fragrance on a rare occasion when I was going somewhere special. The fragrance was a luxury item, and I felt special whenever I was able to use it.

    I have since moved on to other fragrance notes.

    Get that legit money, Nia!

  • Mary Burrell

    Not a fan of the fragrance, But good for Nia. Get the money.

  • Cumberbatchfan

    I hate the fragrance. My great grand mother wears it lol but I’m soooo happy for ms Nia! This is one of the buggestfrgrences of all time.its beautiful to have a BW be the new face to the global brand.

  • brownbeauty

    I have never tried anything by Elizabeth Taylor but I am really happy that Nia has a beauty campaign, she really deserves it.