For the last couple of weeks, the media has speculated about whether or not Zoe Saldana was pregnant. Outside of the obvious baby bump that was brewing, news outlets continuously reported on their assumptions, without getting word from Zoe.  Unfortunately, the newly married and Guardian of the Galaxy star wasn’t too pleased.

Saldana took to Twitter to air out her frustrations:

Saldana did eventually verify that yes, she is actually pregnant, and with twins.

But should the media report on someone’s pregnancy before the celebrity speaks about it? I knew several women, neither of whom are celebrities, who waited until a “safe” point in their pregnancy to actually reveal their upcoming birth.

A lot of people say they do that to make sure their pregnancy is healthy, and not to have to go through the trauma of letting people know that a miscarriage (which could happen during any time) had happened.

Clutchettes, do you think the media should wait before they put someone’s pregnancy on blast?


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