Beyoncé might stand back when it comes to altercations between hubby and little sis, but when it comes to her hometown, the Queen Bey is sure to give back.

The singer and actress recently donated $7M for a Houston housing complex reserved for the homeless, according to Pastor Rudy Rasmus, who mentions the tidbit in an interview with KHOU.

“She has a global platform and is doing some amazing work,” Rasmus says, “and I’m glad she’s a friend of mine.”

Pastor Rasmus presided over the Knowles-Carter nuptials, and is the reverend of St. John’s United Methodist Church, where Bey attended as a child. He describes Knowles as an incredible person with an incredible heart. He also says she embodies the spirit of his new book, “Love Period.”

But as far as the elevator melee is concerned, Rasmus says he doesn’t follow the tabloids, or I guess, the news.

“I validate my source based on conversation with the person,” he says.

Watch his KHOU interview where he also shares Little Bey memories.

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