Lil Mo is a grown woman who apparently can’t control her bladder.  During the 2014 Essence Festival, the R&B singer had an issue while she was backstage during the Prince show.  That issue was, she’s a small time famous person, who had to pee, but the security detail wouldn’t let her because Prince was backstage.

In an Instagram post, the R&B Divas “star” ranted about not being allowed backstage:

lilmo1 (1)

Ma’am, I’m going to need you to learn how to hold your pee. Or wear a depends.

In any event, Lil Mo soon realized that no one cares about her.  Especially when it comes to his Royal Purpleness. The shade she received from Prince fans was epic. And deserving.

“but wait you have a VIP all access pass tho!!! You must’ve won that from 92q cause real celebs don’t need those to walk freely back stage! Sit ya short big lip ass in the corner some damn where and be quiet!! You haven’t been relevant in 13 years… Shit you wasn’t relevant then lol”

“First of all I had to Google your ass to even know who u were. Second no matter what you do you will never be at his level. Prince is music royalty. No he hasn’t had an album in a few years but you still hear all his old shit in the radio. Sounds like someone has a little celebrity attitude to but it didn’t work for you. So in the words of Ice Cube…….BYE FELICIA.”

“Real celebs, even HAS BEENS, don’t need a PASS to mingle with their peers, and last I checked Prince didn’t work for a security company so why is your hatefulness directed at him? You need to take several fuckin seats and perhaps get some class about yourself. #crabsinabucket #whenkeepingitrealgoeswrong”

“I’m sure Prince doesn’t have to beg for gigs and advertise that he’s “available for booking” on his Instagrampage… Or any page for that matter… Just sayin… *kanye shrug*”

But nothing compares to what Prince might have said in reference to her:

Prince even acknowledging Lil Mo’s existence is probably the greatest thing to ever happen to her.

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