The Vintage Black Glamour Tumblr  is the epitome of old school style and grace. Writer Nichelle Gainer’s Tumblr site is filled with photos of black actresses, models and singers from a time when glamour reigned.  The images used on the site are not only rare, but also gives us a glimpse into the women featured in each photo.

Gainer has taken her work from the internet and is bringing it to your coffee table.  Vintage Black Glamour is scheduled to become a coffee-table book set for release later this summer.

With photos from the 1900 to 1980, the book will feature both faces you know, and others you’re not too familiar with. These women helped break down the color lines in Hollywood, and paved the way for actresses of today. Interestingly enough, actresses today are still breaking through the color barriers of Hollywood.

To learn more about Gainer’s book, visit: vintageblackglamourbook.com

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