Congratulations are in order for LeVar Burton and his “Reading Rainbow” Kickstarter campaign!

The Kickstarter campaign to create a web version of the award-winning PBS show has broken the Kickstarter record for most contributors. Burton’s campaign amassed more than 97,000 contributors and nearly $5 million.

“Bring Reading Rainbow Back for Every Child, Everywhere” was created at the end of May. In a matter of hours, the campaign surpassed its initial goal of $1 million.

Soon after, “Family Guy” creator Seth McFarlane pledged to match donations to the literary project up to $1 million, Burton announced June 28.

As the “Reading Rainbow” effort quickly became the fifth-most funded campaign on Kickstarter, in an unprecedented move the four bigger campaigns — including the “Veronica Mars” movie project — have all donated rewards to it.

One has to wonder, if it turns out to work on the web, would the network bring it back to television?

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