Two men face first-degree murder charges in the execution-style slaying of a two-year-old in the Inkster area of Detroit.

Raymone Jackson, 24, and Raphael Hearn, 29, are childhood friends of the child’s father, Kenneth French. Key witness Saneetra Smith testified that Jackson approached French and nodded as if to say, “What’s up?” French says Jackson “walked up like a friend” onto French’s porch and briefly spoke before Jackson pulled out his revolver and shot his daughter, KaMiya, at least nine times.

“His idea was to kill my baby to make me suffer,” French says of Jackson. French believes the shooting was in retaliation for not protecting Hearn during an earlier shooting at a local motorcycle club.

French and 12-year-old Chelsea Lancaster were also injured.

In addition to first-degree murder, Inkster District Judge Sabrina Johnson ordered Jackson to stand trial for torture, assault with intent to murder, felonious assault, felon in possession of a firearm, and committing felony with firearm. Hearn is also charged with two counts of assault with intent to murder and committing a felony with a firearm.

Still, Jackson and Hearn think killing a toddler is a joke. During a recess, a courtroom spectator yelled, “What’s funny?” at the suspects before walking out.

Marcus Brown accompanied Jackson and Hearn to the home, but he wasn’t charged in the case. Brown testified that the whole incident lasted between 30 seconds and two minutes. He also told the court that Jackson said, “I got off 10” shots when he returned to the car. The three went to the Detroit RiverWalk afterward.

Lancaster’s mother, Toni Holt, also identified Jackson as the shooter.

“Boom, boom; it just kept going,” Holt says of the shooting.

Lancaster is at home recovering.

KaMiya was buried on what would’ve been her third birthday.

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