Two men, who posed as father and son, are now behind bars after luring a 14-year-old girl from Laurel, Maryland they met on Instagram, to their home and repeatedly raped her.

Orlando Roberts, 45, is a convicted sex offender, who raped a child over a decade ago. He partnered up with Javon Henson, 19, of District Heights, Maryland and contacted the girl online and offered to lie to her mother.

According to police, the girl met the men on the photo sharing site and spoke with them on the phone. The girl then said she have to ask her foster mother for permission to hang out, and Roberts lied to the mother about his fake son’s age, because he was 19.

Court documents state that the men drove to Maryland, met the girl’s foster mother, and took the girl back to Roberts’ home on Park Place in Northwest, DC.

Roberts allegedly took her on a tour of the house and told her all this could be yours and asked her to give “Daddy” a hug.

She was then escorted to the basement where the two men raped her numerous times. She later told detectives she was scared and nervous.

When it was over, Roberts told her she couldn’t tell anyone, that this was their secret.

Police say the girl was not at fault and praised her courage in coming forward to report the crime, an act that might encourage others to report assaults.

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  • Mary Burrell

    The two cretins are sexual predators and need to be dealt with and locked away.

  • Tonididitonem

    Girl bye. I’m a troll because unlike so many in the black community I’m not quick to place blame on “fast” girl. Smh. 40 people agreed with me and you’re the damn troll in this situation. No wonder our community is straight trash too quick to place blame on victims and protect the grown ass criminals.

  • Tonididitonem

    P.S you seem super angry. You’re waaaaaaaay more combative than me. Holy smokes maybe some don’t actually agree. Maybe all black folks aren’t a monolith and we can respectfully disagree with each other rather than have you foam and froth at the mouth about MY opinion. Isn’t that what we always struggle for?! Individuality as minorities and not to be lumped in with each other yet you tell me to go sit with the white folks at xojane because I think the focus should be more on tougher laws for sex offenders and I’m not as worried about the events leading up to the heinous crime as I am about the heinous crime. Hmmmmnnn someone is disingenuous.

  • mariah asphalt

    Doesn’t the article say that the girl is in foster care? That explains it.

  • Candie

    These monsters more than likely will be raped repeatedly in the backside by a man named Bubba in jail, which will serve them right. We have to be more careful with who are children are contacting online and who they are hanging out with. Unfortunately there are too many men like these out there on the loose.