Myesha Alexander And Rosie Cobb are missing. The two 15-year-olds were staying with family members at the Bossier Inn and Suites in Bossier City on Saturday, when they disappeared without a trace.

The friends were last seen leaving the inn and walking toward a nearby road. Their family members reported them missing a little after midnight on Sunday.

According to reports, the teens were visiting from out-of-town, but authorities did not release any details on where their family was traveling to or from. The local Bossier police department stated there was no indication of foul play, and listed the incident as a Runaway/Missing Persons case.

One has to wonder what would indicate or not indicate foul play?

Myesha Alexander is described as a 5-foot-6 African-American female, weighing 135 pounds. She was last seen wearing a white T-shirt, brown cargo shorts, turquoise ankle socks and Nike tennis shoes.

Rosie Cobb is also described as an African-American female. She is 5-foot-7 and weighs 135 pounds. She was last seen wearing a yellow SpongeBob t-shirt, blue shorts and brown shoes.

Anyone with information about the girls’ whereabouts is asked to call the Bossier City Police Department at (318) 741-8611.

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  • Jay

    I’m just gonna state the obvious here: Had it been Chelsea and Rebecca we know they wouldn’t have been listed as runaways. Gone, without a trace, sounds like a potential kidnapping to me…

    • trish

      @Jay you are spot on…Women of color don’t matter to the media. I pray these girls are found safe, and considering where they are I won’t hold my breath for authorities actively looking for them.

  • Jetty

    How do we make this go viral… our children are not constantly “running away”? They are children who are not where they are supposed to be. Even if they did run away, why does that lessen the effort to find them and then make sure the home is safe, positive, and stable upon their return? Why does it result in the acceptance that they made a childish decision to run and should therefore face the consequences as if they were adults? When did it stop being a difference between adults and children?

    • trish

      I just retweeted this on twitter it’s a start.Our community has to start stepping up on real issues instead of LHHATL etc etc. I’m tired of our young women being categorized as runaways but the natalee hollaways are abducted…

    • Jetty

      Thanks …. I fully agree and appreciate your effort. I am not super into social media so I don’t always know how things go from one story to crashing the internet.. but for this … it is time!

  • ALM247

    I will be praying for their safe return.

  • AbortionsAreNotShameful

    What is the likelihood that these two thots decided to take a unsupervised opportunity to sneak off a meet Ravaughn and his friends? Half of yall forgot being fast at this age. I pray for their safe return but I can imagine they are/were fearful of the repercussions of returning home late and rather a “missing person” story to gain sympathy and less punishment from their family. Remember Tawana Brawley? Aint nothing new 20 years later.