Tyra Banks is a beauty authority, so much so that the finance-driven Wall Street Journal recently published her op-ed piece on ten beauty predictions…in an age of robots and avatars. Banks foresees a future of “vending machine” beauty, where people can choose their own hair texture and skin color without hair extensions and plastic surgery as we know it today.

“If one wants longer locks, a hair-growing serum is applied to the scalp, and the length and thickness of the hair will increase in 24 hours,” she writes. “The popular hair texture of choice will be curly.”

Banks also writes, “Typical features and coloring will lean toward a Rihanna or Beyoncé or me kind of look. People with alabaster or ebony skin will be rare and heralded for that uniqueness.”

So, Tyra, what you’re saying is very few will opt to look like Lupita?

Of course, WSJ readers dragged Banks through the comments, but more for the content and less about the prediction that most women will prefer caramel and honey-colored skin over chocolate because, well, that meant nothing to them. But I had hoped the article was some sort of satire.

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  • noirluv45

    Because some people do, and well as they should. Why shouldn’t we have faith that some Blacks aren’t screwed up in the brain? I don’t care what studies show. Studies also show that Blacks are inferior. Are we going to believe everything we hear or read?

    The ones that can’t be happy with the skin their in have more issues than their skin color. It’s mental. I think we debated about this before. Becoming light or changing ones skin color isn’t going to help the mental issues they have. It’s only a cover up.

    BTW, I do believe that there are people who are what you’ve described, but I don’t know if they are the majority.

  • Jacqueline

    I see Tyra has been infected with the new black virus:)

  • D1Mind

    Coons do what coons do best, which is to bow, scrape and act in ways that are self deprecating in the face of continued resistance and pressure, ie. racism. And there have always been a lot of coons in Hollywood, especially since the entertainment industry has ALWAYS pushed light skinned black men and women as the preferred type of negro in entertainment. Yet these folks in entertainment are so focused on getting a pat on the head that they ignore that and or go along with it for token treasure and no real power or wealth of their own. That is why they are coons.

    White people by virtue of their racism, wealth and power will ALWAYS
    make sure that pure pristine white skin will remain the definition of
    beauty and power. while everyone else on the planet (the majority non white folks) will be killing themselves to get as close to white folks
    as possible and get some of the crumbs off the the table. One of the standard means that white folks maintain their power is to use divide and conquer. And the way they do that is primarily by promoting immigration of different ethnic groups from one plantation to another in the name of making the slaves stay on their toes for fear they may be replaced. And that is all that is happening today. The white system promotes different groups of people at different time to create the illusion of progress for some in order to get rid of others. They are the most expert social engineers as racism is the epitome of social engineering. Illegal immigration in America was not a problem in America for the last 300 years as white folks had a not tolerance policy towards Asians or Native American immigration. For most of American history the only form of immiigration that was allowed was white European immigration. And then, right after the civil rights act was passed they decided to reverse all the laws that restricted imigration from Asia and Latin America. Now why is that? Because they care so much about Asia? Of course not. Europeans have got Asia on lock as basically one big sex brothel and slave labor camp… They give Asians a few more chips than the rest of the slaves to keep them pacified. And these Asians are just as happy to put up with racism in order to get those chips. And the same goes for Latin America where the majority of the peon peasants getting murdered and raped by violence and crime are dark skinned native Americans and Africans, while those at the top are all white. So please, don’t give me that crap that this is all some ‘natural’ process we should just accept and pretend isn’t being manipulated to erase black folks off the map.

    Africans have no power or wealth to control immigration and migrations of people around the world in search of a “better life”. They can’t stop whites and Asians from raping Africa for all its wealth, yet they want to sit here and be proud of the fact they can have sex with the invaders and conquerors as if that makes it better. And that is by definition cooning.

  • noirluv45

    The source of “Black inferiority” is simply being Black. We don’t need studies to figure that out. They’ve already told us that. White supremacy is the study. Also, not only is “poverty” linked to “Black inferiority” which is kinda silly because there are a whole lotta poor White folks and every other kind of folk. They see us as inferior because we don’t look like them, they want what we have, and they see as as criminals and every other low life known to man. I have to disagree that it’s about poverty and not race, Vag Owner.

    I agree, colorism will not go away as long as people hold on to the lies and b.s. they’ve been fed. It’s up to those whom are victims of it to change out mindset, and that belongs to a person’s free will. White folks won’t change because it benefits them and they don’t have to change.