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The BBC has proved to the world that they know absolutely nothing about music in England. Recently the news organization released  its black and urban music radio station 1Xtra produced a “power list” and three out of the top four acts are white.

Ed Sheeran, whose music has combined elements of folk with hip-hop, was listed as number one. The highest placed black artist was rapper Tinie Tempah, who came in third place, behind another white artist.

Wiley, a popular black artist in the UK, spoke out against the list:


From The Guardian:

Wiley’s criticism follows claims that 1Xtra and other radio stations created to showcase black music were instead switching to playing mainstream hits. Kele Okereke, the frontman of the indie band Bloc Party, has criticised 1Xtra for axing the dancehall and RnB DJs Robbo Ranks and CJ Beatz because of “budget cuts”, while keeping more club-oriented presenters. In an article for the Vice website, he said: “The UK has an issue with racism that we are unwilling to address – it is reflected in negative attitudes towards black British music, but also towards black British culture in general.”

Black artists who did make the top 10 of the power list included Fuse ODG and Emeli Sande, picked by a panel of “industry experts” sifting through suggestions made by the station’s listeners.

A BBC spokesman said: “Artists were considered on variables such as sales statistics, quality of music and impact across the wider industry – it is not about the colour of someone’s skin.”

Here’s the complete list:

1. Ed Sheeran
2. Disclosure
3. Tinie Tempah
4. Sam Smith
5. Rudimental
6. Emeli Sande
7. Naughty Boy
8. Katy B
9. Krept & Konan
10. Fuse ODG
11. Boy Better Know
12. Rita Ora
13. Lethal Bizzle
14. DJ Fresh
15. Jessie J
16. Wiley
17. Giggs
18. Laura Mvula
19. Wretch 32
20. Dizzee Rascal

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  • The New Randomness

    I hate to say, but I think Black millenials have a lot to do with the aggressive cultural appropriation that we’ve seen over the last few years. Basically,they don’t have the historical context to understand the Columbusing that’s happening right in front of them: white people stealing our music, culture, etc. and claiming as their own. They’re being played by all this colorblind, post-racial nonsense and don’t even realize it.

    • ALM247

      They don’t care. They want to believe that a kumbaya approach will heal the world’s ills. They don’t see a problem with this. They think black people are being stingy and don’t want to share.

      They don’t get it. White people can sing r&b, fine. I love Lisa Stansfield, Michael McDonald and George Michael’s music. I own cds from all of them, but I will be doggoned if folks step in hear and pretend as if they originated these sounds. I will be doggoned if someone pretends as if Lisa influenced Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, etc. I will be doggoned if someone places Lisa higher on the hierarchy than Whitney and Gladys Knight. That is the topic of this article, and at least one person on this thread (not you, someone else above) missed the point. One of the things I can respect about the three white artists I just mentioned is that they have always acknowledged and paid homage to the black artists whose music influenced them.

      They think that if they reach out to people of other cultures, that they will be welcomed.

      Don’t they realize that their grandfathers, great grandfathers, etc. tried to get along with people of other races?

      You can never get along with people who think they are superior to you based on their skin color. You can never get along with people who don’t see you as fully human. All white, white hispanic, and asian people are not like this, but there are a lot who are like this. They will smile in your face and plot against you all the while.