Is using Anjelah Johnson’s MADTv Bon Qui Qui character an appropriate means to marketing makeup? According to Benefits Cosmetics, the answer is a definite yes.  Their new “Wing Women” campaign video features Johnson as Bon Qui Qui, along with two other popular Vine comedians, in a remake of Montell Jordan’s “This is How We Do It.” Bon Qui Qui and her friends apply their makeup, twerk and eventually hit the club together.

This brings about the question, exactly who are they targeting with this ad?  As For Harriet’s Kimberly Foster points out, in her experience, the cosmetics line serves “a fairly narrow market,” and we can’t ignore the fact that the name Bon Qui Qui stems from a less than flattering Black cliché.

Benefits claim “Laughter is the best cosmetic”, but the question is, should we buy into this? What’s more offensive: the blatant butchering of a 90s R&B anthem with nasally auto-tuned vocals or the fact that they employed the help of the infamous Bon Qui Qui to sell their products?

Benefit Cosmetic’s US Director of Digital Marketing  Claudia Allwood  said in a statement to LaughSpin:

“We noticed that many brands and consumers were really into bringing back iconic moments from the 90s,” says Claudia Allwood, Benefit Cosmetic’s US Director of Digital Marketing. “Montell Jordan’s original song was one of our all-time favorites, and we wanted to create a parody that made it current but paid homage to the generation it came from. We also absolutely love Anjelah Johnson – she’s one of our favorite female comedians and we believe that everyone should get to know her character Bon Qui Qui.”

Clutchettes, what do you think of the video? Is it racist or not?

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