It’s a shame that residents in the Hermosa neighborhood of Chicago have a large park that is not being maintained by the city. Someone in the largely Latino populated neighborhood feels the only way to get the city clean and pay attention to the park is to have white people play in it.

A Reddit user posted the above photo they found during visit to the park. Clearly, someone realizes that if the park is gentrified then the city will take care of it.

“With the direction of gentrification towards that area, they’ll get their wish soon,” one person wrote in the comments section.

Kelvyn Park sits on 8.5 acres and includes a  field house, with a fitness center, auditorium, meeting rooms and a small kitchen. It also includes tennis courts, baseball and soccer fields. But is currently in disarray.

Someone find some white people fast. Just like Spike Lee said, it’s not until white people move into an area that a city wants to make the resources more viable.

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