Protests Continue In Missouri Town After Police Shooting Of 18-Yr-Old Man

Ferguson Mayor James Knowles tells NewsNation’s Tamron Hall that there is “no racial divide” in the area and that’s the “perspective of all residents in our city.” He says the violent protests are “not representative of us” and the Ferguson has been a “model” for a city transitioning from being predominantly white middle class to predominately African-American middle class.

“I don’t believe that’s the case, still. There’s not a racial divide in the city of Ferguson,” the mayor said.

“According to whom?” Hall asked. “Is that your perspective, or do you believe that is the perspective of African-Americans in your community?”

“That is the perspective of all residents in our city, absolutely,” Knowles said.

“There’s 22,000 residents in our community. This has affected about a half-mile strip of street in our community,” he said of the demonstrations. “The rest of the African-Americans in our community are going about their daily lives, going to our businesses, walking their dog, going to our neighborhood watch meetings.”


Tell that to the majority black population that is policed by a bunch of white cops.

Tell that to the majority black population who don’t own businesses in the area.

Tell that to Mike Brown’s mother.

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  • Me

    that’s an example of exactly how they plan to testify under oath. straight lies, no hesitation. like if they say it confidently enough folks won’t know better.

  • Mary Burrell

    I was watching Melissa -Harris-Perry on MSNBC on last Sunday, this mayor and governor are so out of touch with their constituents, i was just shaking my head.

  • smiles

    in total denial — self defense tactic