Valarie Wilson is one of 5 black women that will make history on Georgia’s ballot this November. Wilson is running for school superintendent, but Wilson’s Republican opponent, Richard Woods, had some interesting words for her.

According to the Marietta Daily Journal, Woods was in the middle of a discussion about the importance of bringing “true American history” back into the classrooms.

“We have to make sure that our kids know our history. They are going to know the true American history,” he said. “It will not be liberalism, it will not be progressivism, but it will be something that is based on our Founding Fathers. It will be the Constitution, it will be the Declaration of Independence, it will be the Federalist Papers. We will teach the truth, because last time I heard, the truth will set you free, OK?”

But then, Woods took what some people are considering a slight at Wilson and the other black candidates.

Woods said that “[t]hey may dust off their copies of their VHS copies of ‘The Color Purple,’ but it isn’t going to happen, all right? We are going to remain Republican red in our state, and we’re going to move this state forward so that we can do the very best, and again, I look forward to being your next state school superintendent of schools.”

Attorney Kenya Pierre of Smyrna, a Democrat running for the Post 2 seat on the Cobb Board of Education, was not pleased by Woods’ remarks.

“I have no idea what VHS tapes or ‘The Color Purple’ or anything has to do with bettering education for our children,” Pierre said. “To bring ‘The Color Purple’ in, it makes me wonder: ‘What are you alluding to?’ Are you alluding to you want things to be back the way they were where slavery was dominant? Are you alluding to the fact that you don’t want diversity within your state where there was a separation of what African- Americans could do and could not do? I don’t know. I mean, I don’t know what that has to do with anything, and I think if we’re talking about education, then maybe we need him to be a little bit more educated in the history of this nation and how horrific a time that was.”

White people, I swear.

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  • ALM247

    “[t]hey may dust off their copies of their VHS copies of ‘The Color Purple,’ but it isn’t going to happen, all right? We are going to remain Republican red in our state, and we’re going to move this state forward so that we can do the very best, and again, I look forward to being your next state school superintendent of schools.”

    You can’t be much more blatant than this.

    This is classic. He only knows one or two things about Black culture, so he hollers these things out randomly in a discussion.

    “We are going to remain Republican….” speaks volumes. It seems as if he has decided that the race has already been won before the race is run.

    It’s interesting that he considers things remaining the same “[moving the] state forward”, as Georgia has struggled with unemployment.

    And please keep in mind that this is in the Atlanta metro area, a genuine Black mecca. There are a lot of Black people who do well financially in Atlanta, but there is also a growing homeless population.

    The governor is Republican, and the Democrats in the state have had a hard fight. When you look at some of the platforms of the candidates in Georgia for November, it seems as if it is becoming more difficult to tell who is in which party.
    It’s clear that there are those who long for the “good old days”, days that were good for them and bad for a lot of other people.

    • Anthony

      The most pathetic thing is that The Color Purple is a work of fiction, it is does not purport to be a “true” story in specifics although it does speak truths about sexism and patriarchy within the black community.

      Georgia was second only to Mississippi in lynchings. It was a slave state, and it lead the nation in executions for a period of time during the twentieth century, and we know the great majority of those electrocuted were black. The state was subject to the Voting Rights Act pre clearance section until last year. All of these facts are accurate, and this truth will set us free also.

    • I agree with you totally.

  • This male person is truly ignorant.

    He wants to spread his historical revisionism. Obviously, Valerie Wilson has more class, dignity, and intelligence than the Republican Richard Woods. Obviously, many “Founding Fathers” were not only rich aristocrats, but some of them were slaveholders who didn’t realize believe that black people are deserving of justice & equality. Also, Christopher Columbus was an imperialist who actions contributed to the genocide of millions of Native Americans. True education is about telling the people the truth not lies or revisionism. Students needs to learn about the history of Ella Baker, Septima Clark, etc. who weren’t Tea Party members. These human beings stood up for freedom. Certainly, reactionary propaganda ought to be rejected and repudiated. The book of the Color Purple should have no relevance in this campaign.

    I hope that the citizens of Georgia does the right thing and refuse to vote for Woods (his overt racist attitude is not surprising, but it is repugnant). We should never strive to live in a time of the bad old days. Historically Georgia was a slave state. It is also a state that has a legacy of strong Brothers and strong Sisters who stood up for freedom, justice, and progressive policies.

    At the end of the day, we want a better future for people.

    • vintage3000

      o/t but truthseeker your posts often make me go to either wikipedia or google one-lol. I was not familiar with Septima Clark at all–thx for posting.

    • You’re Welcome.

      Ella Baker was like Dr. King in intellect and oratory ability, but she is not known by many people. Septima Clark was a great Sister and a hero of our people. She worked with the poor and the oppressed.

    • Also, Gloria Richardson is a heroic Sister too.

    • vintage3000

      Thank you! A lot of unsung heroes in our history

  • smiles

    Did anyone ask Woods what he meant? Alice Walker won a Pulitzer and National Book Award for fiction for the Color Purple – no small feat. He must have seen the play and/or the movie or read the book. Just exactly what was this obviously very angry white man trying to say?

    • ALM247

      He was showcasing his ignorance of Black culture by pulling one of only two references of Black culture that he knows. His other reference is probably Lil’ Wayne.