Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 4.05.50 PMOur curly, kinky, coily hair is a beautiful thing that requires attention, love and commitment. Neglect your hair and you watch it break off or become brittle. Love and nurture it and you watch is thrive. It’s up to you to determine how you will take care of your tresses and that’s regardless whether it’s chemically treated or not. The bottom-line is to become as knowledgeable about your tresses so you can have a positive relationship with your hair.

Many in the natural hair movement are caught up with texture and type but for there are far more important aspects of our hair we need to be concerned with to better understand what products to use, what styles will work best as well as keeping our hair healthy. One aspect would be your hair’s porosity.

Hair Porosity describes the ability of the hair to soak up moisture. It’s affected by the flexible outer layer (the cuticle) and determines how easily moisture and oil can pass through our hair. For the vast majority of us, hair’s porosity is genetic but there are other external factors that can affect one’s porosity like, hair treatments, chemical processing or hair’s exposure to the elements.

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