love and hip hop atlanta althea sues jocelyn

As we all tuned in to watch the shenanigans that go on during “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” reunion show, we observed Joseline Hernandez inflict bodily harm on cast mate Althea Eaton.

Eaton is holding Hernandez accountable and has filed a lawsuit against the former striper-turned-rapper. As stated in the court documents, Eaton claims onlookers observed Hernandez smoke crack cocaine out of a pipe backstage during filming. Eaton also insists Hernandez was strung out during the altercation.

Though the amount of money Eaton is suing for was not disclosed, it is clear she is not suing the network or the show.

Known to be quite vocal on Twitter and Instagram, Hernandez has not publically made a statement.

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  • Althea, as a woman of class and integretiy, you should sue Joseline, the producers, Mona Scott, VH1. Show these people you cannot be bought for pennies. It appears you were assulted and should press charges. Stop this mess. You have a career, a man with money, so this show is not going to do anything for your career. Be a real woman and stand up for yourself and not let Joseline attack you on national television. This show is for the gutter and makes all of the women look low class. Stand up and be a REAL WOMAN. When this show is gone your reputation as part of it will go on. None of the rest have the courage to sue. You got millions of witnesses to back your case. Mona Scott is making all of you look bad. You and Benzino can do better than this. Have some integrity and sue. They will settle, but you will show the world you are no low class woman. Somone has to do something. I will be watching to see if your parents would be proud of you.