In July, Janie Talley, 41, recorded her son as he doused himself with fingernail polish and set himself on fire so he could post a “fire challenge” video on YouTube. According to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police, Talley’s 16-year-old son poured fingernail polish on himself on July 29 and then set himself on fire.

Talley “was present and aware of what her son (was) doing and facilitated the recording,” according to a statement from police. In the video, Talley’s son is immediately set ablaze, and fortunately only suffered from minor burn injuries to his neck and chest.
Tally was arrested and charged with contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile in connection with her 16-year-old son.


Tally was reported to the Department of Social Services, who then informed the police. She was arrested on Aug. 6 and her trial is set for Oct. 2.

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