Brandy’s little brother and Kim Kardashian’s former sex-tape partner, William Ray Norwood aka Ray J, pleaded not guilty to groping a woman at a Beverly Hills hotel bar and resisting arrest afterward.

Los Angeles County prosecutors say Ray J entered the plea Tuesday to misdemeanor charges of sexual battery, vandalism, battery on a police officer and resisting a peace officer.

He’s scheduled to return to court for a preliminary hearing Aug. 28.

Raj J was arrested May 30 after a woman said he groped her at a bar at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

Police say he refused to leave the bar when they arrived, became unruly and used his feet to shatter a patrol car window after being taken into custody.

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  • ALM247

    This boy, yes I said boy, needs to drink a big bottle of GROW UP.

    He is 33 or 34 years old, and he runs the streets as if he is 19 with a brand new car and newly discovered hormones.

    He’ll be 55 years old in the club just slobbering and following women with his bad hip.

    • Anthony

      LMAO! That makes me the think thing about the Chris Rock routine about the oldest guy in the club!

    • He certainly needs to grow up. He is younger than me.

  • It seems like eons ago when I was 14 and had a terrible crush on him! Thank God for growth! This guy is an a$$hat!

    • BillipPhailey

      Now why’d you put that online lol ;)

  • BillipPhailey

    Billy Ray Norwood needs an Intervention.