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  • I wish I’d have known the proper name for this technique when I got my hair colored a few weeks ago; the result was that I had about 5 colors on my head. Orange and blonde highlights :-( I looked like my head was having a midlife crisis. Thankfully I found a woman to correct the disaster that was my head!

    • Kwazi Style


    • You have no idea…I came to work and my (white) boss was like
      “Wow, it’s orange”…I had to explain that the result wasn’t my intent and that I was looking to have it fixed! She’s a woman so she understood!

    • BillipPhailey

      Is that you with a natural undercut in the picture?

    • Yes, that’s before the color!

  • ALM247

    I say yes to Sombre’, especially if it’s in the form of braids….something I can take out when I need to. I hesitate to color my own natural hair, although that new line of colors from Shea Moisture looks very tempting.

    • Me

      i think i’m in the same boat. i’d be more willing to do color w/braids then put color on my actual hair. i’m a chicken when it comes to doing anything more than wash, moisturize, style to my hair. i like my body to be simple & my accessories (like weave) to be flashy.

  • Anonin

    Idk if I have sombre but 4-5 months ago I dyed my hair for the first time red. Now its brown and of course my roots are black.

  • Mary Burrell