As a Black woman, it’s quite easy to get comfortable with the popular notion that “black don’t crack,” however that doesn’t mean that we can rely strictly on genetics to sufficiently handle our beauty needs. Whether you’re natural or relaxed, make weekly trips to the salon for manis and pedis or groom your nails in the comfort of your own home, knowing that a cosmetic product is designed by someone who can clearly identify your specific needs brings a new appreciation to the process of gettin’ fancy.

While the battle for Blacks to break into ownership within the beauty supply industry rages on, Blacks have long since kicked down the door and established their rightful place alongside their counterparts in the world of beauty products.

 Here are 10 Black-owned beauty and cosmetic companies:

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  • Clarification, why exclusive “cosmetic” line shall, define the beauty only: promoting revenue for companies. Consumers, don’t give a “damn” about heritage, only appeal hasn’t: this been reveal why conceal false heritage nonsense. Independent firms are,collaborating with industries whom generate success not color lines marketing disadvantage marketing magazines.

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    France,Japan,India,Germany and Britain top firms besides cosmetics,body line products and health care usually smaller firms acquired. These firms mention catch, the attention of majors, whom trying: secure influence, market able to purchase them future. Article made point, exclusive lines need, to diversify to survive cosmetic industry worth billions getting larger! Merci